Preventing chafing with SLIPSTREAM ENDURANCE CREAM

SLIPSTREAM is the natural choice for endurance athletes.

Designed to soothe and prevent chafing and blistering when running, or cycling

Apply SLIPSTREAM to protect: thighs, groin, arm, armpit, neck and between legs

SLIPSTREAM is waterproof, sweat proof, suitable for men and women and is vegan friendly

Protect your skin with SLIPSTREAM  Anti Chafe,  FREE Delivery WORLDWIDE

Chafing Managed! See our Videos by selecting SLIPSTREAM Anti-Chafe Above

Focus on the race - don’t let chafing distract you

SLIPSTREAM delivers unrelenting race comfort

Users tell us it’s “Magic”, “Amazing” in the cold or wet of England's Manchester or in the heat of the Marathon des Sables

¨Non-Greasy Dry Protection

¨Soothe, Care & Repair

¨Waterproof & Sweat proof,

¨Antibacterial & Doesn't Stain

¨All Natural & Vegan Friendly

¨Made in Britain


Message: I just wanted to give you a great review. We have been kindly suplied with some of your product at wilmslow running club. I use anti chafe products regularly being a marathon runner who often suffers.

Your product is great, I haven’t found chafing while using it. I think the application is much better than competitors as you can easily channel it to where it’s needed. It also has a very nice scent. I think it’s better than competitors and I would definitely purchase again.

Please feel free to publish my comments.

Many thanks Laura F.

Mike S of London who used Slipstream during the 2018 Marathon desSables

I took Slipstream with me to the Marathon desSables, a 250km multi stage race that takes place in the Moroccan Sahara intemperatures of up to 50 degrees C. I was initially wary of taking it with me. All of the advice about this race says you need to be careful about what you take with you. Creams that might perform perfectly well in a British winter may well melt as soon as you get into the desert and I had no way of testing it in similar conditions beforehand.

I was absolutely delighted with Slipstream. It had a fresh, pleasing aroma and behaved perfectly in the heat. Considering I was running with a heavy backpack in one of the most inhospitable environments on the planet, I had no troubles with chafing, across the seven days of competition.

I ordered another two tubes as soon as I got home and I've used it ever since”

Mike S.


My apologies for taking so long to get back toyou, we were waiting to get a couple of people to try it out to provide athorough review. 

First off, for the longer runs, our SRG have loved it. They said it wasn'tsticky, it worked well, and it had no weird smell or residue that some of theother ones have had. 

Also, some of our staff have tried it, especially during their marathon training and it has been wonderful. For all sorts of speeds and distances, it held up well, was easy to apply, and did not drip off right when it rained (which in Manchester is a massive bonus). 

In terms of the product itself, I myself try to live a natural lifestyle and use as little chemicals as possible. I want to thank you for creating a product that isn't filled with chemicals that cannot be pronounced and something that I can confidently put on my skin, knowing that I won't break out into a rash. 

We thank you greatly for allowing us to try your product and wish you the absolute best of luck with it! We have been recommending it to our customers and we shall talk with our manager to see what the next steps are! Kind regards, Daphne (Manachester)

About Us

Martin Steiner,

store owner

SLIPSTREAM has a proven track record of innovative designs and effective problem solving through the use of natural ingredients.

A British Natural Skin Care Brand, we research, design, manufacture and pack all in the UK.

Our products offer the best performing natural alternative in each of the sectors we supplyand although our products are competitive, our aim is to produce the best, not the cheapest.




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SLIPSTREAM Anti-Chafe is available on-line or from selected Running, Cycle & Outdoor Sports Stores.